Eiji Morishita, Author, Speaker and Business Strategist

Eiji (A.G.) “The Authority Genius” Morishita is an Author, Speaker and Business Strategist and founder of the Genius Millionaire Academy.



Eiji (A.G.) “The Authority Genius” Morishita is author of PURE GENIUS and founder of the Genius Millionaire Academy. His mission is create 1000 Millionaires to create movements that impact 1 Million each. Eiji is passionate about empowering leaders to contribute their genius and stand out as the authority so that they can make a huge impact and create a lasting legacy. Eiji’s genius is helping entrepreneurs and service professionals build profitable businesses.

Eiji has been unlocking and sculpting genius for over 10 years from his high tech days finding out software engineers’ unique gifts and market their genius to decision makers throughout Silicon Valley to unlocking his family’s genius positioning them as “America’s First Family of Sushi” garnering media attention which allowed the restaurant to stand out in a very competitive Los Angeles sushi area.  It wasn’t until Eiji got in a car accident where he lost his ability to think where his gifts were revealed.  He prayed and prayed everyday for 6 weeks if he ever got his ability to think back he would never take his brain for granted.  That’s when he began his study of what it takes to be a genius.  The more he studied geniuses past and present, the more Eiji realized that he’s discovering and nurturing people’s genius almost all his life.

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Genius Squared LLC is a cutting edge training and consulting firm. Creators of the Genius Millionaire Academy, the #1 Mastermind and Mentorship Experience for Empowering Entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create 1000 Millionaires over the next 10 years to create movements that impact 1 Million people each. We measure success not only by the results you achieve but by the number of lives you impact. We feature two unique life changing experiences. The Speak Your Genius Experience (www.SpeakYourGenius.com) trains entrepreneurs A-to-Z on the business and marketing of growing your business through speaking and learning the subtle intricacies of commanding presence to lead your audience. The Authority Genius Movement Making Experience demystifies what it takes to be a Top 1% Authority who earns 50% of the market share and uncovers historic movement making strategies used by Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and Walt Disney.

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